Why rent a dress?

Purchasing a evening gown or accessories can become expense. We at Dresstique want to give you the opportunity to look your best for your event | big day. Rent a gown from us for a fraction of the cost.


Do you custom make dresses?

No, unfortunately we do not custom make any of our gowns, however we can direct you to some amazing designers.


What is the cost of consultation at DresstiqueStudio?

Wedding consultations are R 150 for a 1 hour , with two family members and a bottle of bubbly. All evening | phtoshoot gowns consultations are free for up to 5 dresses.

What is the cost of renting a dress?

The default rental price implies the use of a dress/accessory by one person during one day of rental. The prices range between R 200 – R 10,500.00 That includes cleaning of the dress, plus press. Any delivery/courier costs are not included in the rental price.

A refundable booking fee will also be charged at 50% of rental fee.


Where can I fit the dresses?

You can make an appointment at Our Studio for a fitting. We are in the Durbanville. A consultation fee may apply at Dresstique Studio to fit gowns.


When are you open?

We work by appointments only.

Weekdays: 10:00 - 18:00
Saturdays: 08:00 - 16:00
Sundays: CLOSED


Can I order directly from the website and skip the consultation at Dresstique Studio?

Yes you can. Fill in the booking form with the name of the dress you would love to wear, and we will consult with you via emaill or whats app.


Can I reserve a dress for a future date?

Certainly. Simply select your start date to the day you would like your dress to arrive by. It will arrive on or before the start date requested. Full payment required.


What is the condition of the gowns?

We at Dresstique pride ourselves on the quality of our gowns and accessories, they are cleaned and inspected before every use. We hold a high standard in reliability when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our customers. If a gown no longer meets the standard, it is promptly removed from our dhowroom. All our gowns are in new to good used condition.


How does Dresstique dress rental work?

  1. Find it: Choose the perfect gown for your specific date. Each dress is unique and options are chosen by different styles, type of event and colour. We have multiple gowns for you to choose the perfect fit.

  2. Reserve it: First, fill out the booking form | Rental Agreement – reservation request. Indicate the dress name in the appropriate fields. We will make sure that the necessary dress fits you and is available for rent on your date, pay the reservation, and you’re done. The rental agreement consists of a 3-day period but may extend for an additional cost.

  3. Return it: Enjoy the dress for your event | big day and look exquisite! When you are finished using the dress, please return it back to Dresstique studio.


When do I get my deposit / Booking Fee back?

Dresstique will examine the gown before it leaves the studio and will examine it on its return to ensure that it is in good condition. It will be up to Dresstique to say whether the gown is not up to its original state that it left the studio in. Only after the gown was inspected, the deposit will be paid back via EFT. If you Cancel a booking for your booked date, your booking fee will not be refunded or a voucher given ( Vouchers are only give due to covid or or a severe illness.


Can I rent a dress for an event or special occasion.

Yes you can. Please contact us for individual pricing and conditions.


I am from a different country or city. What are the conditions for renting a dress?

Dresstique gowns are available for rent only in the Republic of South Africa. For clients from other countries, please contact us directly to explore alternative options.


What happens if the date has been cancelled?

Unfortunately there are NO REFUNDS in this situation. However you will get a voucher with the exact same value to use within 1 months from the original date. We will simply transfer the reservation to another date, free at the time of the new reservation. Please accept our apologies, if your first choice of dress is not available.


What happens if I return the dress late?

A R100.00 on evening gowns and R300.00 on bridal gowns late fee per rental per day per gown or accessory will apply directly to the renter of used on the order. There is a 200% charge for the value of the garment that is not returned to Dresstique for any reason. Late fees are applied over the cost of the rental fees of the order.


Which methods can I use to pay for a dress?

You can pay via EFT or cash. First pay, first get policy. FULL payment, reserves the dress for your date. No refunds of dresses if cancelled after 1 week of your booking date.


What about stains or damages to the dress?

We understand there are circumstances under which certain wear and tear cannot be avoided. Dresstique offers a R50 rental insurance coverage that covers ONLY normal wear and tear. Significant damages or stains to the garment will result in charges to the renter to cover the cost of the repair, or even full replacement of the garment. More information can be found in our Rental Agreement.


Do I need to clean the dress before I send it back?

No, every dress/skirt will be fully inspected and properly cleaned once it has been received.

All our FAQ stand as our T&C