I have always had a camera and a green apple somewhere on my person. It started though with a teeny tiny pink film camera and me taking pictures of everybody. I upgraded my gear and met my first photographic mentor. She gave me a good  grounding in the basics, and shoved me out the door with a "There's nothing more I can teach you. Just go out and shoot". So thats exactly what I did. 

My simple photography hobby grew and I searched for a second mentor. In exchange for some second shooter manual labour Naco Rautenbach showed me the secrets of Fitness Photography. I realised that there was more for me and Green Apples Photography was born.

People. I'm passionate about people. I love portrait photography, and fashion photography, and events photography, and travel photography. I want to create connections between my subjects and those who view the photographs. I'm a photographer who wants to capture you. Just you as you are. I want to take a photograph which will show everyone else who you are as well